9 Questions to Ask a Marketing Agency Before You Hire Them

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There are all sorts of reasons behind outsourcing a marketing agency. You might be looking to launch a new campaign. Or, you might be seeking to improve your marketing strategy. Perhaps you’re looking for support with delivering a project that you just haven’t had the time to start yet.

No matter why you’ve chosen to hire a marketing agency, you’ll want to see your programme completed on time, with minimal disruption and clear results. To make sure that you’re going to get what you want from your selected marketing agency, there are some key questions to ask before you hire them.

  1. Do you have experience in marketing for the size of my business and within my industry?
  2. What level of research goes into the strategy and planning phase?
  3. How is flexibility built in to your programme plans?
  4. How do the different skill sets of your team members complement our inhouse resources?
  5. How will you manage our account and help us interpret the marketing reports on a month by month basis?
  6. How would you work with our sales team to make sure that they are getting the most out of the marketing programme?
  7. What’s your approach for managing the performance of our marketing programme after it’s all set up?
  8. What skills do you bring that enable you to optimise the use of technology to improve the results from marketing programmes?
  9. When will the programme actually deliver leads or our other desired outcomes?
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