LinkedIn Social Selling Support, Engage Your Target Persona

Elder Digital Marketing researches and creates meaningful content for you to engage in high value interactions, strategic comments and connection requests, building relationships that result in bigger deal sizes and better conversion rates.

LinkedIn Partner Agency

LinkedIn Sales & Marketing

Are you making the most of your senior executive’s LinkedIn networks?

Social Selling

Posts (organic + paid), commenting, connecting and engaging with video content and online events / webinars.

Executive Advocacy

Leverage the opportunity to win new business from senior executives’ networks and lead employee advocacy.

Account Based Marketing

Increase and convert more opportunities by developing the number of touch points with target accounts.

Why Elder Digital Marketing?

Bespoke Programme Design

Steer the outcome of your programme. Focus on brand differentiation, event sign ups, discovery meetings or other options.



Stop – Dwell – Engage. Proven social selling methodology to win the attention of your audience and prompt them to engage actively.


We use Salesflags, integrating LinkedIn and Salesforce to review, qualify and engage leads on your behalf.

In House Copywriters

Writers with English degrees from an inbound content marketing heritage, now executing on LinkedIn.

Client Journey: How We Work Together

Whether primarily for Sales, Marketing or Senior Executives, your programme starts with in depth research. Content strategy development and ongoing data driven analysis are the drivers of programme success. We have honed our process so that your involvement is less than one day per calendar month.

Content Research

Social selling strategy analysis, including content audit, performance analysis and identifying online events and influencer communities.

Content Development

Following development of strategy, the content production (including video) process includes creative, feedback, editing and approval.

Audience Research

Target market, persona, goals and solutions are defined to enable Sales Navigator list building. 


Draft and post outbound comments, send connection requests and boost posts with employee and influencer engagement.

Email Newsletter

Build trust and maintain relationships through a collation of post content and feedback, published quarterly.

Reports and Advice

Ongoing process of engagement reporting, sales follow up suggestions and refining of content. Including events and influencers.

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