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Jonathan Elder

Marketing strategist, analyst.

Jonathan knows the challenges and opportunities encountered by midmarket businesses with a growth mindset inside-out. During his 15 years of experience as a Sales and Marketing Director, he has founded and led a B2B eCommerce start-up that raised $70m of venture capital and established operations from marketing through to trading with over 100 staff and a significant account base. Jonathan brings industry knowledge, strategic thinking and fresh ideas to our inbound marketing campaigns. In result, his campaigns get ‘buy-in’ from all stakeholders and motivate teams to implement marketing plans.


marketing strategy

inbound marketing

digital marketing

content marketing

influencer marketing

marketing operations

vicky lorriman

account executive, copy architect.

Vicky has a keen eye for detail in both listening and writing. She makes sure to deliver projects that align with the needs of our clients and explore innovative topics discovered through in-depth research. Armed with a degree in English, Vicky scrutinises language until it conveys the right marketing message that draws in your clientele.


client relationships

copywriting and editing

creative design

account handling

project scoping

market research


bradley rose

digital marketer, the nuts and bolts.

Thanks to his experience in summarising all of the action from cricket games in half an hour flat, Bradley has a knack for getting things done quickly and executes our digital marketing operations. His degree in journalism taught him to grab the attention of different audiences with catchy headlines and informative storytelling, qualities of writing that make for exciting marketing content.


paid search

web analytics and reporting


creative design

social media

brand awareness campaigns


creative content marketing

We helped a company determine their position through content creation that captured the imagination of their target audience.


The Whitepaper itself was very professional in terms of its engaging style, attractive presentation and comprehensive content.


During the process, a website was developed which focused on the pains and solutions of their target personas, a real prospect focus rather than an agency focus, and a content strategy based on the keywords “Local Marketing” and “Market Asset Management”.


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