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Our founder, Jonathan Elder, brought a successful inbound marketing approach over from the US to the UK after realising its potential for driving midmarket business growth. He worked out his own way to apply the methodology to paid search and social so that marketing messages meet the most qualified prospects at the correct touchpoints.

Amplify your lead generation by leveraging LinkedIn analytics to connect with your ideal prospect base, build relationships through content marketing and qualify sales prospects for follow up, with our managed social selling service, B2BAn. Reach and engage sales prospects at scale, with efficiency and in line with your sales process, making further outreach warmer.

qualify sales prospects for follow up

Set scoring parameters and our in-house social selling team analyse sales and social media marketing engagement to qualify sales prospects for follow up.

build awareness and conversion through social

Grow brand awareness by systematising regular engagement with your prospects and convert high-scorers to sales prospects on LinkedIn.

follow up alerts for your sales team

Your sales team receive follow up recommendations based on prospects’ social activity, including actions like emails, calls and social media engagement.

enhance branding with content marketing

Publish content regularly, via your thought leaders, sales team and company page. Add on Paid Ads Management to help achieve your objectives faster.

monitor and improve social selling

Track your prospects’ interests and engagement over time with reports to see how best to build relationships through content marketing and sales activity.

fill up your funnel with ideal prospects

Run automated searches for your ideal prospects and connect with them automatically to keep your funnel topped up with quality contacts.

the story so far

Square 2 Marketing, Philadelphia, Start-Up Savvy

Jonathan spent two years in the US as an Inbound Marketing Strategist at Square 2 Marketing, learning how to use powerful marketing and sales strategies, tactics and technologies to reach medium-sized businesses’ big growth targets. He was among the first to teach the inbound methodology in the UK, and has not looked back since.



Inspired by the revenue growth that US companies who went inbound had generated, Jonathan joined the Square 2 Marketing Philadelphia team to introduce inbound marketing to businesses outside of the US.


He discovered that professional services companies, less developed in digital marketing, needed help. To teach these companies the inbound way, he moved from Square 2 Marketing to start his own marketing agency.


As inbound marketing became increasingly popular, Jonathan gained a wider client base than just professional services companies. He now runs marketing programmes for a portfolio of midmarket B2B business.

We’re wise about digital marketing tactics

We’re switched on to what works for midmarket B2B businesses. Our full service digital marketing programmes use the most suitable balance of tactics to help you accomplish your growth objectives.

marketing automation and email

Use workflows to nurture and further qualify your leads until they are ready to take the next step with you.

align sales and marketing

Work together to hit performance targets that both sales and marketing understand.

paid search and social

Target the right prospects with the right content at the right time to improve lead generation.

social media

Showcase your industry knowledge and reach out to a wider audience with your solutions.

SEO and Blogging

Position yourself as a front runner in your industry with high-quality content optimised for keywords.

website and creative design

Help your prospects to learn more about what you do and drive conversions from your website.

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