Strategic Call-to-Action (CTA)

Venus are different to other fibre network providers. They can connect fibre internet directly to an organisation’s premises almost anywhere in central London, even in cases where national providers can’t.

Venus’ website was underperforming. 5000 monthly visitors resulted in less than 50 leads: a frustrating 1% conversion rate on visitors to leads and with GDPR approaching a robust qualification process was needed.

project details

project: Lead Generation

client: Venus

year: april 2017

deliverable: CTA


To get more leads for Venus, we needed to work out what the particular sequence was that their website visitors had followed to arrive at the Venus website, and why. The next step was to key in to Venus’ Unique Selling Point (USP) and understand how the journey of their website visitors fitted into their USP.

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the process

Our analysis revealed that Venus’ website visitors were seeking Fibre Broadband connectivity, but they had been turned away by the established providers (Virgin, BT etc.). Now that Venus further understood their visitors’ pain, we were able to design an effective CTA solution.



We placed a Postcode Checker tool on Venus’ homepage where visitors could enter their email addresses to instantly receive a quote for Fibre Broadband connectivity. The strategic CTA generated 5000 monthly visitors and 300 leads on average per month for 6 months: a skying 6% conversion rate.


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