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Inbound Marketing Services

Sales and marketing executives are well aware of the challenges and opportunities presented by the latest marketing technology and sales and marketing alignment. The problem is how to best implement those strategies without straining available resources or wasting investment monies. We have developed an Inbound Marketing process that is designed to meet his challenge. Frequently asked questions include:

How can we attract more qualified leads into our prospect database?
How can we better manage our leads so sales only pursues prospects who are ready to buy?
How can we automate the process so our sales funnel is as efficient and productive as possible?
How can we better leverage marketing automation and CRM tools we already have in place?
How can we measure success so we know how to best allocate budget and maximize ROI?
Faced with these challenges and limited resources, sales and marketing executives are seeking talent and expertise in several key areas now considered to be a formula for digital marketing success:

Content Marketing: To raise brand awareness, thought leadership and engagement with potential customers.

Demand Generation: To reach out to and attract qualified prospects without cold calling or other relatively expensive tactics

Lead Nurturing: To build relationships with leads through content and move them through the sales funnel at their pace.

Marketing Automation: To manage and qualify leads, enabling an optimized flow of sales-ready leads and information to your CRM and sales teams.

KPIs and Analytics: To measure the effectiveness of every step and every campaign, enabling optimization of your sales funnel, best use of your marketing budget and assessment of marketing ROI.

Revenue Performance management: To evaluate every marketing process in terms of impact on revenue generation.