Take-outs from #TwitterBeaconsfield event

Dara Nasr, Twitter UK Managing Director, and host Jonathan Elder, Elder Digital Marketing at the event in Beaconsfield, 21st November 2016.

Presentation Take-Outs:

  • Twitter provides a global microphone for its users, and is the ‘mobile town-square’.
  • You can use it to talk to both your heroes and your friends.
  • It’s as much an Interest Network as a Social Network.
  • The explosive growth of smartphones is what has really fuelled the growth of Twitter: 93% of usage is via the mobile phone. The smartphone is changing our lives in three ways: Communication, Content, Consumption


  1. Communication

How do we communicate with one another? Text, WhatsApp, Twitter Direct Messages, email, phone, LinkedIn.

Given that Word-of-Mouth is widely recognised as the most effective form of communication, cultivating Influencers on Twitter can be very effective.

Twitter users now trust influencers nearly as much as their friends:

  • 56% rely on recommendations from friends
  • 49% rely on recommendations from influencers

76% of all UK Twitter users follow brands. Conversation = Love. They are:

  • 20% more likely to buy the brand
  • 44% more likely to share
  • 30% more likely to recommend
  1. Content

Read here about Twitter Ads.

Video consumption has changed. Video is:

  • 6X more likely to be shared than photos
  • 3X more likely than GIFs

Mobile video is growing incredibly fast

  • Predicted to grow 13X by 2019 vs. 2015

…Twitter video is growing faster

  • 220X video view growth in the last 12 months

82% of Internet traffic is predicted to be video by 2019

(Source: Twitter, Dec 2015)

Videos used to take up 24 characters on Twitter, now they take up none. Twitter offers live video streaming and pre-/ mid-/ post-rolls.

  1. Consumption

Twitter connects people and moments: the happy and the sad, always with passion:

The short fan-video ‘Will Grigg’s on Fire’ went viral and was adopted by the terraces as a chant.

@AlabedBana the young girl in Aleppo tweeted on life under siege.

Autographs are becoming a thing of the past. And now, rather than taking photos of celebrities, people take selfies with them.

Nurses used #WeNurses to discuss common challenges; the government then referenced this to shape policy

60-70% of Twitter users use it to find out what’s happening/ for breaking news. News breaks faster on Twitter than from news organisations.

  1. Dara Nasr’s tips for getting started on Twitter
  • Get on it
  • Follow some reporters in your space
  • If you want to get involved, do.

See the Twitter Small Business blog here.


Q) Why use Twitter?

A) Twitter is open, whereas FB and LI are closed, ie you have to be befriended or connected.

Q) Are there any B2B Case Histories?

A) Yes at https://business.twitter.com

Q) What are the threats facing Twitter?

A) Well, it has 320 million users globally, of which a high proportion are ABC1s. Twitter users are very passionate, and Twitter want to respect this: if they show too much advertising, users get irritated, so Twitter try to make sure that the ad-load is not too high.

Q) Opportunities for targeting?

A) Lookalike targeting and Interest Targeting (the most effective)