Why call the new agency “Elder Digital Marketing”?


My Interest in Marketing Software

Whilst at and since leaving Eclipse Group Solutions I worked with eCommerce and Marketing software. Exciting times in this marketplace. The likes of Alterian, Neolane and Eloqua first caught my eye. But when I was doing a project for a company focused on delivering content for Accountants it was Hubspot that stood out as a the platform that excited me the most. The requirement was to publish content in the form of accountancy advice in a regular Newsletter.

The niche explored with the accountant newsletter case study!

There are many website developers that focus on Accountants websites but I am not sure that they necessarily have the skills or experience to develop the most efficient and effective marketing for their clients. Email marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) are specialisations that many designers that focus on accountants sites will not have mastered themselves – these website designers are compromised, sure they will get the skills involved but not often inhouse. That is were an Inbound Marketing Agency partner is required.

So why the name Elder Digital Marketing?

With a deep interest in the Marketing Software marketplace and the marketing skills from many years as a Sales and Marketing Director I felt that I was ideally positioned to offer a service to the industry based on my marketing experience. Thus the Marketing word.  Secondly I felt I had a relatively strong reputation and therefore an opportunity to build on the previous “Elder” brands “Elder Professional” and “Elder Consultants” . Finally the word Digital helps set the scope of the business to include all the modern marketing techniques including mobile and eCommerce but with the main focus being Inbound Marketing.